I grew up in Houston, Texas. As a child, my school textbook covers were littered with doodles, cartoons, and caricatures. My parents sought to channel all that creative energy by enrolling me in art classes in my early teens.

In the mid-80’s, I was introduced to the Apple IIe, and the world changed. I tried my hand at duplicating code from various print magazines, which worked about as well as you might expect. My interest in art and computers has continued to intertwine since.

These days I'm married to a beautiful woman whose heart continues to educate me on the most important things in life. We live in North Texas with our cats, Duke and Duchess. When I'm not working on a project or assignment, I manage to steal a few moments for myself, either to work on volunteer projects, hammer out a tune on the bass guitar, or keep up with my favorite TV shows (thank you, TiVO!).

Anyone can put ideas down on paper. My job is to make them POP! I offer a full range of graphic design services, from print to web to branding. I consistently work to produce creative and practical solutions for my clients. In my many years in the field of graphic design, I’ve produced everything from t-shirts to websites, from informational brochures to novels and children’s books. My goal is to create art that is informative, iconic, and maybe even a little fun.

Let me bring my sense of dedication, creative expression, wonder, and exploration to work on your next project.
My list of previous clients includes:

Production Artist
Grow Wings and Fly Publishing
TWL Knowledge Group
Vertis Communications
Rocket Red
Inner City Games
Dark Horse Productions, Inc.
Voyager Expanded Learning

Book Design
Grow Wings and Fly Publishing

PowerPoint Specialist
DFW Airport
Supre Tan
Meritage Homes
Berhinger Harvard

Web Design
Grow Wings and Fly Publishing
Gail E. Greenberg
Running Moms Rock

Documentation Specialist
Ernst and Young

Editing and Copywriting
Inner City Games
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